There’s Electricity in the Air

Every time I charge my laptop or my phone I feel like I’m back in the ’90s. I find myself plugging and unplugging them on a regular basis to keep them going.

This is a problem because it wears out their USB-C sockets. Over time, the connections become sensitive and only work some of the time, or at certain angles. That’s really annoying for such expensive devices. If only there was a way to avoid this…

Actually, there is. Apple used to have this cool connection called a MagSafe. It was a magnetic connector for their Macbook chargers. This avoided the friction of plugging and unplugging. It also made connecting easier. It even prevented the accidental cable pull. Those would result in the MacBook crashing down on the floor.

Unfortunately, Apple stopped using the MagSafe connector. Other companies (I’m looking at you, Dell) didn’t adopt the concept.

But I have good news, too. Other companies picked it up where the big guys left off. You can buy a magnetic connector to replace your USB-C connector. It’s actually just a small adapter on the connector. You get all the benefits of the MagSafe again. That’s my laptop saved.

For my phone, I bought a couple of wireless charging stands. Now I get to simply put down my phone to charge it. The angle is convenient and lets me see the screen while the phone charging. More importantly, it doesn’t take a toll on the USB-C socket. And as a bonus, no dangling cable. Win!

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