People All Over the World, Join Paper

Sometimes you want to keep a pile of paper sheets together. And sometimes you can’t help but wonder why stapling a few sheets together is so hard. I still remember the school secretary applying her full body weight to staple our exams.

When it comes to small expenses, I prefer to invest a little more and get something nicer. My stapler is no exception.

When looking for a stapler, I was curious to see what features exist. I found the coolest feature to be ease of stapling large stacks of paper. That’s why I ended up buying the PaperPro Prodigy. It has a spring-free mechanism. That mechanism makes stapling even 25 sheets of paper as easy as pushing with one finger. Wow.

Mind you, I purchased mine back in 2014. Six years later, it still serves me well. There are newer models now, with even nicer features. Check out the PaperPro InPower+. It can staple up to 28 sheets of paper. It has a built in staple remover. It even has a staple storage compartment.

If money is no issue, check out the PaperPro inHANCE+. This beast can staple 100 sheets of paper. This one requires two fingers, which is still quite impressive.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s a new kind of stapler. The Plus is a staple-free stapler. That is a pretty neat idea. It can staple up to 10 sheets of paper, which is quite neat, given you never have to buy staples again. You can find cheaper ones on AliExpress. The next time I run out of staples, I’m getting myself one of these.

Who’d have thought staplers could be so much fun! Ok, maybe it’s just me.

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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