Being Lazy is Hard Work

Our body is a funny machine. Well, I say funny, but it often makes me sad. Food I really enjoy tends to be the food I should avoid eating. Sugar, fat… All the good stuff – is actually terrible for our body. That’s unfair.

However, there’s a trade to be made. If I’m willing to burn those calories, I can eat more of that tasty (I mean, unhealthy) stuff and still be healthy.

In my quest to be as lazy as I can, I discovered something interesting. Muscle burns calories even at rest. This means if I have enough muscle I don’t have to exercise as much. Ha!

This is my motivation now. Build muscle today, so that I can be lazy tomorrow. This is kind of like a retirement fund. I invest now to enjoy the fruits of my labor later.

Of course, I’ll always have to work to keep myself in shape. I also try, with the help of my wife, to eat healthy most of the time. But I wouldn’t have to work as hard, or eat nothing but healthy food. That’s encouraging.

Also, as a side note: muscle weighs three times more than fat. So I don’t try to lose weight. I try to lost fat and gain muscle. This is something worth keeping in mind.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Published by eranboudjnah

A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

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