I Got Chills, They’re Multiplying

Lying in bed, feeling like life was sucked out of your body. You know you’re not well. Time to check your temperature. Who’s the evil sadist that came up with the idea of an instrument you have to stick under your tongue? And then you have you keep it there for a whole minute…

Well, luckily, this is 2020 and we have progressed! You can measure your temperature in seconds(!), and you can do it by scanning your forehead! Not only that, but the results are transferred to your phone. Now you can look back at the warm memories of being cold in bed last winter. Those were the days!

This is not a cheap product. But it really is pretty cool. Measuring my temperature has never been more straightforward. Just slide the thermometer across your forehead and get a reading. The design is slick. I really do love it. This smart thermometer is from Withings – the same people who got us the scales I covered earlier. Check this thermometer out here.

And may you always remain cool!

Cover photo: Tim Denison
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