A House Connected

If you have dead WIFI spots in your home, this one’s for you.

I’ve moved flats quite a lot in my life. I don’t think I remember a single one where WIFI connectivity was perfect. There are always dead spots. Well, that’s if I’m lucky. In some flats, whole rooms got spotty WIFI.

When you set up a smart home, things get worse. You suddenly have many devices fighting over the bandwidth. My lights used to lose connectivity. And then my scales would. Google Home would stop responding. This was not the smart home I had in mind.

So I figured I’d get a better router. And I did. After extensive research, I bought the TP-Link AC2800. It did work slightly better than the router my ISP provided, but not by much. And worse, every few days I’d have to restart it or there would be no WIFI connection at all. What a disappointment.

I didn’t give up, though. I had a plan B. I ordered the Amazon eero mesh kit. The three-pack was all I needed. Set up was very straightforward. I can happily say this solved my problem perfectly. Every corner of the house has WIFI now. The WIFI connection never drops. All devices stay online consistently. They reliably communicate with other devices on the mesh network. They even connect with devices on the primary router WIFI seemlessly.

So, if you’re having dead WIFI spots around your flat. I strongly recommend a mesh solution. I’m satisfied with the Amazon eero, but I’m sure other products work roughly as well.

Cover photo: Parasite.
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