Seek and Destroy

One of my favourite ways of keeping my computer secure is passive protection. It keeps my CPU and memory free to focus on the work at hand. I never did like the idea of paying top dollar for a top-of-the-line CPU and fast memory only to spend a large portion of them on anti-virus software running in the background.

One great way of achieving passive protection is updating your hosts file. Another is the free Spybot – Search & Destroy tool’s immunisation feature. They don’t seem to update their list as often as they used to, but running it once should provide you with significant passive protection. It configures your web-browsers and computer to block requests to known malicious websites. It also blocks tracking cooking and dangerous browser plugins.

Spybot is, unfortunately, a Windows only application. If you know of an MacOS equivalent, let me know and I’ll update this post.

Now sit back, relax, and watch the bad guys hit your passive wall of protection.

Published by eranboudjnah

A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

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