Smile, Part 2

My hygienist always used to tell me off for not flossing. I couldn’t get myself to consistently do it.

Then we started buying dental floss. My wife placed them in convenient places around the house. Picking one up after a meal became so much easier. My teeth have never been cleaner. Or so I thought.

About a year after we starting flossing regularly, we were recommended a water flosser. So I started my own little research. I ended up with the Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser WP-660UK.

It’s a bit of a mouthful (heh), but it really is great. It’s not the cheapest. It’s not cordless. However, compared to other flossers:

• It has a large water tank. This means longer flossing times.

• It has 10 pressure settings.

• Its nozzle is easy to rotate.

• It’s a countertop flosser, so no battery worries.

• It comes with 7 tip types for different types of cleaning.

• Which is why it’s great it also has an easy to access storage space for up to four tips.

I have to admit, the first time I used it I was shocked. How can so many tiny bits of food still be lurking between my teeth after all the flossing?

Now I can really say my teeth have never been cleaner. Which is great, because I really want to keep them around for a while longer. Say cheese! Now floss.

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4 thoughts on “Smile, Part 2

  1. Having flossed my teath since I was young and having dentists telling and explaining to me the benefits of flossing, it’s definitely worthwhile. But just using a water flosser is not a replacement for actually flossing. I have been told many times we must floss with the string but using a waterflosser is also a good addition as it gets the gunk out between your teeth which you can’t get out with brushing alone. The string floss stimulates the gums and in particular in between the teeth below the gum line. Just spraying water in there doesn’t do this. And when you floss with the string, it’s an up and down motion, never a saw motion, you’ll saw into your gums! But up and down stimulates the gums between the teeth keeping them working to keep harmful bacteria out.


  2. I hate flossing and really must force myself to do it. I otherwise have good oral hygiene (brush 2/3 times a day and always use mouth wash) but I always get some nagging from my hygienist for not flossing consistently. I’ll definitely try water flossing. Maybe it’s less bothersome 😀


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