Pop Goes The Corn

I love popcorn. Popcorn for me is associated with cinemas and watching movies. I’d usually go through a medium-sized bucket before the movie even started.

I know you’ve probably tried buttered popcorn, salty popcorn, sweet popcorn… None of these are exciting. They’re decent snacks, nothing more.

But there’s a special brand of popcorn that I associate with going to visit my wife in a time that predated our marriage.

We had to be apart for a long time, and I had to fly over to see her. On one of the flights, they served a lovely box with quotes from Alice in Wonderland and the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

Ever since that flight, I started bringing a few new flavours with me every time we’d meet and we’d eat them while watching movies.

Joe & Seph‘s popcorn is a premium product. It starts with the aroma. You take it in and can almost taste the spices. Then you take a bite. Every bite has a proper crunch to it. And then comes the explosion of rich flavour. The flavour lingers and intensifies with every bite.

There are savoury flavours, such as the goats cheese and black pepper popcorn, or the blue cheese with walnut & celery one. Such exciting combinations! We particularly enjoyed the olive oil, truffle oil and truffle salt version.

Then there are the sweet flavours. I have to admit, they all taste mostly of caramel. However, every flavour is still distinct and gives you a different experience. From toffee apple & cinnamon to caramel & Belgian chocolate, there’s something for every sweet-tooth.

The range of flavours is unbelievably broad. So while I bet you’ve tried a few variations of popcorn, you’ve not tried anything like this. If you want to treat yourself, you have to give them a try. It’s a mind-popping experience.

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