Happy Halfversary!

Today’s OptimisingMyLife’s 6 months birthday!

This is a good opportunity for me to talk about birthdays.

I forgot a good friend’s birthday. I felt terrible. How could this happen? He never forgets mine. And then I realised I’ve grown to depend on Facebook to remind me of people’s birthdays. I’m not on Facebook as often as I used to be. So I started missing birthdays.

I remember my granddad had a calendar by his phone on his desk. He marked every birthday of anyone he cared about on that calendar. He never forgot a single birthday. You could set your watch by his calls to greet you every year. I remember how impressed I was by that.

It doesn’t take long to greet someone on their birthday. It makes them feel you care. For a single day in the year, they can feel it’s all about them. And, let’s admit it – making others feel happy gives you a pleasant tingle inside.

So, as I was saying, I missed my friend’s birthday. I swore this was the last time. So I imported Facebook’s birthday calendar into my Google one, which I actually use. There are many ways to do this, like the one described here. I’ll never miss a friend’s birthday again.

My advice to you? If you care about your friends, add their birthday to your calendar. Don’t miss an opportunity to make them happy.

Happy Birthday, blog!

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A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

One thought on “Happy Halfversary!

  1. This post also reminded me that you don’t have to get someone a gift or go out for dinner for someone’s birthday, a phone call is all that’s needed to show you care and how much more meaningful than the generic Facebook post!


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