It’s Raining… Umbrellas?

It’s been roughly seven years since I moved to London. One thing I learned about London is you always want to have an umbrella (or a brolly, if you’re local) handy. You never know when it’s going to start raining.

I used to buy them from just any old store on the street for £2 or so. And every single time they’d snap at the lightest of breezes.

So, as with everything else, I did my research. Umbrellas come in many shapes and forms. They have many optional features. So I came up with a wish list. My umbrella needs to be:

  • Small
  • Wind-resistant
  • Automatic

It needs to be small so that I can fit it in my backpack easily. It needs to be wind-resistant because I don’t want it flipping or breaking when there’s a gust. It needs to be automatic because I don’t want to struggle with opening or closing it in a crowded environment (remember we used to have crowded environments?).

Funny enough, it’s not easy to find a really good umbrella. Even with no budget constraint, the options are limited. I ended up with the Ergonauts Windproof Travel Umbrella. It ticked all my boxes, and surprisingly wasn’t even expensive.

I’m so happy with it I could start singing in the rain. But I won’t. It’s a good umbrella, though.

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Raining… Umbrellas?

  1. Astonishingly I made exactly the same investigation and I bought this exact same umbrella and it isn’t really any better than any of the others except maybe a bit more sturdy. These umbrellas turn inside out just as fast as any umbrella I have ever used.

    What I ultimately went with was a SENZ umbrella:

    These umbrellas are a bit more expensive but they truely are worth it. They are sort of rectangular which is great because they cover a backpack. They absolutely do not flip inside out like a normal umbrella! They can be used in near hurricain force winds! I have a SENZ Original. I have not tried their foldable ones but will be getting one.


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