I drink a lot of coffee. I mean, I could easily drink ten cups a day.

While I enjoy my coffee, it does come at a cost. One of the most noticeable side effects of drinking plenty of coffee is the stains on your teeth.

Since I can’t ignore the coffee stains, I have to visit the hygienist much more often than I would have to without the coffee. This is quite time consuming and also rather expensive.

So for quite some time, I’ve been looking for an alternative. I tried whitening strips. I tried different brands and kinds of whitening toothpaste. Nothing really worked. This changed recently. I finally found a solution.

Ever since I started using Colgate Deep Clean Whitening Toothpaste, combined with Colgate Max White Mouthwash – the stains are finally gone. What a relief!

This is a good opportunity to mention dental hygiene in general. Dentists are costly. A single filling can easily cost over £60. With a good dentist, it can cost twice as much. This is good enough a reason to get serious about brushing our teeth.

My dentists have long recommended I used an electric toothbrush. So I switched to electric toothbrushes a few years ago. Now, I can’t imagine going back to a regular brush. The brush I’m using is Oral-B Genius 9000. I highly recommend it. But whichever brush you get, just get one. And floss. Save your teeth. Save money. And smile.

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