Who’s In Charge?

I remember as a kid we’d have batteries everywhere. Most commonly, they’d be in the fridge, so they’d last longer. When you’d need one, you’d pick up a random one and hope it still has some juice left. More often than not, it didn’t.

It is a bit surprising to me that you could still get disposable batteries. They are horrible for the environment, and over time they cost you much, much more.

After my usual research, I opted for the Energizer Universal Charger. I bought it almost 4 years ago and it still serves me well. It charges AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt batteries. I can charge A LOT of batteries at the same time. It has a cool screen that shows me how much charge is left in each battery. This would be my recommendation. As always, you can explore AliExpress.com for cheaper bargains.

I stopped using disposable batteries altogether. All my batteries are now rechargeable. That means I never have to buy batteries again. I always have charged batteries when I need them. As soon as they run out, I recharge them and swap them for fully charged ones. It’s amazing how easy it is. And I no longer have dying batteries all over the house (or in my fridge).

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

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