It’s Toasted!

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I believed in investing at higher quality appliances. This time I want to talk about toasters.

I usually approach the buy of a new appliance with little knowledge. What features should I look for? What features exist? So I start reading a few “top 10” articles. Pretty soon a limited set of interesting features emerges. Quite often, one or two brands catch my eye.

I always perform this initial research. I intend to live with each appliance for quite a few years. I want to enjoy the product I purchased.

So when it comes to toasters, I found a few interesting features. First, I learned I had to choose between a two slices and a four slices toaster. To save space on my counter, I went with two. Bigger families may opt for four. You have toasters with sensors that detect when the toast is ready, so you get consistent results. There are cool gimmicks such as the bread being lowered and raised automatically. Other features to look for include: long slots, removable crumb tray, clear view window and even touch screens.

Things to look out for: heating up of toaster, toasters that don’t let you lift the bread enough, slow toasters.

Having taken the above into account, I ended up buying the Sage Die Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster. I’ve had it for quite some time now, and I am very pleased. You may also find the same model under the Breville brand. If four slices is what you’re after, there’s a 4-slice model as well.

Photo: Michael Hession
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