Boil with class

One of my takeaways from Rich Dad Poor Dad was to invest in higher quality products. Note that I’m not saying “invest in expensive products”. Expensive does not always equate better. That’s why I do my homework.

In truth, I learned this lesson the hard way myself. I lost count of the number of cheap kettles I threw away. They short circuited, melted, broke apart… Eventually I switched to premium kettles. I think I only had to buy two in 10 years. I had to buy a second just because I moved countries.

Premium kettles offer more than just longevity. They tend to come with better warranties. They can boil water faster. They let you control the temperature, in case you’re making green tea. They offer a simmer option, so that if you forget you boiled water, the water isn’t cold by the time you remember. Other nice features to have include having a swivel base or greater capacity. To be fair, they also tend to look nicer on the counter.

The model I have is Sage‘s The Smart Kettle (BKE820UK) which I bought for £90.00 back in 2016. It got broken once, potentially by the cleaner drenching it in water. Sage offered fair compensation towards a new Kettle. It’s harder to come by now, but similar, newer models exist.

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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