What is That Bulge in Your Pocket?

For years I’ve walked around with a standard manly wallet. I had two problems with it. The first – it was made of leather. I’m not a fan. I try to avoid leather products when I can. The second – it was bulky. Whether I kept it in my front jeans pocket or the back one – it was absurdly noticeable. So I started looking for alternatives.

The Klips. Why
would you get that?

Kickstarter is the source of many interesting innovations. It is also the source of absurd ideas (in my humble opinion, of course) such as Klips, pictured on the right… Klips was never funded. Not all Kickstarter wallets are bad, though…

And then I came across the Dash wallets. I pledged to their Kickstarter project in October, 2018. It was $18 at the time for an early bird. By late January, 2019 I had my wallet in hand. It was everything I hoped it would be. Extremely slim. With good storage for my cash and cards, I was perfectly happy. Oh, and no leather! Nice. I also liked the pull tab to access the cards and the RFID protection.

Now this is what I’m talking about.

In February this year (2020), I pledged to their second iteration. The price was the same, and at $18 I was happy to have a second wallet. I even bought a couple for my dad and brother. The second iteration introduced silicone grip dots to hold your cash better.

I’m such a fan I even got one of their third iteration models, which arrived late July. This time, they introduced a stacked card mechanism to the pull tab (see below). With the pandemic, I haven’t had a chance to enjoy it much. But I’m looking forward to! Honestly, I could not recommend this wallet enough.

Behold… Stacked cards!

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