If It Isn’t Broken…

How many times were you told “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”?

Working isn’t necessarily optimal. You may find something to be working in a sub-optimal way. When this happens, fixing it should be a valid option.

Very often, “if it isn’t broken” is said when “we’ve always done it this way” is intended. This mentality is the enemy of progress. It prevents growth and leads to stagnation.

The next saying on this list is “it may not be right, but at least it’s consistent”. These sayings should be a red flag. If consistency is our guide, we can never improve.

This applies to so many fields. Take the tech world as an example:

Your app loading time may be twice as long as it should be. Your user journey may be converting half as well as it could be. These are working examples. Does that mean we should leave them alone?

A working solution isn’t necessarily a great solution. We would not have modern cars or smart phones if we’d have settled for what was working at the time.

So please… The next time you find something that isn’t broken – fix it nonetheless.

Published by eranboudjnah

A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

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