Let It Rise

Few things in life can beat the smell of fresh bread in the morning. It always makes me feel like I’m on a vacation. It starts my day on a really positive note.

Making bread takes time, though. And patience. And it’s kind of messy. Plus, timing it just right for when I wake up isn’t easy.

A few years back, a friend gave me his old bread maker. It changed my life. This isn’t an exaggeration. Mornings just aren’t the same when there’s fresh bread waiting for you.

This was back in Israel. I have since moved to the UK, and left the bread maker behind. As soon as I settled, however, I did my usual research and bought a new bread maker.

This time I got a Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC. Operating the bread maker could not be easier or less messy. Being able to time when your bread will be ready is just great. This bread maker can make cakes, jams and compotes, too. It also has a raisin and nut dispenser, which helps when making specialty bread. It really is feature-packed.

If you haven’t bought one yet and have the counter space, I seriously advise you to get a bread maker. It’s the yeast I can do.

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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A software consultant and tech lead. Passionate about optimizing as many aspects of my life as possible, to free time for what really matters.

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