Same Phone, Different Feel

I’ve been an Android user since the very early days. One of the things I’ve always really enjoyed in Android is how open it is for modifications.

You can choose from a broad range of manufacturers. You can choose from a broad range of models. But most importantly, whatever you choose, you can still maintain (almost) the same look and feel.

It’s quite amazing how much you can tweak your phone, even without rooting it. You can change how your notifications look. Your can change how your icons look. You can change how your lock screen looks. You can even change the entire user interface. It’s this last bit I want to focus on.

Choosing a launcher is worth your while. A good launcher would save you time by decluttering your phone. It will help you focus on doing what you really want to with your phone. A smart phone is incomplete without a proper user interface.

The Android system user interface is called a Launcher. There are plenty of custom launchers out there. They cater for different needs. You have Before Launcher if minimalism is your cup of tea. You have Alpha Launcher, if you want an unconventional launcher. You can use Google’s own Pixel Launcher for a Pixel-like experience.

My favorite launcher is Nova Launcher. I’ve been using it for years now. It is consistently maintained. It’s highly customisable. It runs smoothly. In fact, I like it so much that I have the paid version.

What’s your favorite launcher and why? I’d love to know.

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