Making Oscar the Grouch Proud

What bin do you have in your kitchen? Up until a year ago, I had a push bin. When holding something in my hand, I couldn’t easily open it. It sounds like a silly problem to have, I know. But obviously it’s a common one, or we wouldn’t have had paddle bins.

The main problem with paddle bins is the mechanism tends to get stuck. Soon enough, you’re spending more time struggling with getting it working again than you do tossing stuff in it.

Then you have swing bins. These don’t tend to break as often. But boy, do their lids get dirty. Again you find yourself spending half your time maintaining your bin.

No, I couldn’t have it. I had to find a bin that had a working mechanism and required minimal maintenance. And I found it.

The EKO Phantom Sensor Bin is everything I wanted in a bin and more. It has good volume. It has, as the name suggests, a motion sensor. This means moving close to it is enough to open it. It closes automatically after a few seconds. I can keep it open if I want to with the touch of a button. It looks great in the kitchen. But most importantly, it is virtually hassle free. Except for emptying it and changing the batteries every once in a while. Of course, with rechargeable batteries, that’s not a problem.

I bought the EKO Phantom a year ago. So far, it works flawlessly. So, if you’re looking for the perfect bin, I known your pain. I’ve bin there (see what I did there?). Get this one. A smart bin, who’d have thought.

Photo: Sesame Street.
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